Isodiol International Inc. Signs Licensing Agreement With Level Brands Inc. and It’s Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist Kathy Ireland

This special bundle includes a collection of Kathy’s signature hemp-derived products specially formulated to improve your body’s health and wellness while promoting its natural healing abilities.

Kathy’s premium herbal complexes and tinctures contain unique blends of vitamins, botanical extracts, and powerful CBD from organic hemp that may support a healthy immune system, healthy joints, increase energy and boost overall wellness.

Enjoy the many benefits of CBD in easy-to-take oral supplements!

A complete set that provides essential:

  • Vitamin C and D3 for optimum immune function
  • Vitamin B12 to boost energy
  • Sleep capsules for relaxation of the mind and body to promote natural sleep
  • Key nutrients to help improve joint function and relief from occasional discomfort due to exercise and overuse
  • Botanical extracts to support a healthy immune system and to help reduce inflammation
  • Nutrients that are all blended with CBD from organic hemp to improve overall wellness

Sugardown® has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce post-meal elevation of blood sugar levels by up to 60%

Read more about Sugardown® Clinical studies

Managing blood sugar levels is one key to maintaining optimum health and body weight, especially for those at risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Galactomannans are a group of complex polysaccharide derived from plants that have been shown to possess significant activity in moderating post-meal blood glucose levels.