[ LOVE ]

Love (luv) NOUN (1) a feeling of strong affection, admiration and devotion.


Reimagine Romance


Our passion for love stories is unyielding. Your first kiss, meet your soul mate in a perfect set of circumstances or have an unforgettable date? We want to know about it. Please share your love story with us. #LoveStory @kathyireland and our corporate page @kathyirelandWW 


Our #lovestory began at work, where colleague relationships were forbidden. We've since joined a company where it is celebrated! #lovestory 

Life's a Journey 

This journey is not elucidated by the distance you travel or the time you incur, rather the aspirations you realize. So... Live, Love and Dream.

Romance is social, is there anything you don't want to share when you're in love? Shout it out to the world... via Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat... pick your preference. 48% of couples post on Facebook alone when on nomadic affairs. Your phone is always with you and is a reliable way to share and remember. Use a custom hashtag and geo-tags to track and revisit.

Solutions for Men


Memories are fashioned by experiences. You don't have to leave the country to go on an escapade. Visit the Sherry Netherlands New York for a European inspired and indulgent stay within the concrete Jungle fortified by America's history.  Located in midtown and Built in 1927, this glamorous hotel and residency was restored in 2014. The Raphael Fresco inspired ceiling transports you to the sCardinal Bibbiena's Loggetta in the Vatican Palace.  

Paris, the city of lights. Named the city of lights because of the Treaty of Versailles where Benjamin Franklin ensured the city would have lights after the treaty was signed. The Palace of Versailles is a place for a true love story. Many have already been written by the French hierarchy. To make your visit a romantic retreat, stay at the Trianon Palace, the only place in the world to find the Trianon Palace fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian. Bring a bottle home and mist your pillow to dream of your time amongst the royal history of King Louis and his Queen, Marie Antoinette. Below is the hall of mirrors used for intimidating the Kings visitors of neighboring countries... more of a fantasy, with crystal chandeliers layering every foot of this great hall.

It doesn't have to be all beaches. The lovers who prefer the serene landscapes of the desert can travel to Palm Spring CA. Stay in the home of the Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who lived a life dedicated to love. Casa Elizabeth is your romantic domain. 

When our significant other is away, our beloved pets will surely be by our side. The unconditional love you feel from your pet carries you through those bumpy days that ultimately make you stronger individually and together. Pets are family members, they are our Loved Ones. Kathy and Sparky (Above) in a special embrace that may be hairy yet always perfect. 


The adventure began within the first four minutes you met. The journey of love continues from each embrace to goal sharing and planning, truly becoming one. The most joy comes from building for your epilog of love. What's next?