Although we don’t sell our products on our website, the conversation about our designs, design philosophy and our customer is led through We provide a store locator to direct our customer to the retail door where they can readily purchase. Our Brand Partners have a powerful presence on this page. Through our research we have found that our Brand Partners’ customer service and shopping experience makes is exciting and easy for the customer to find the products she is looking for.

We partner with experts in every category of our solutions to ensure a collaborative design process, resulting in products that offer our best-selling commitments to, Fashion…Quality…Value…and Safety™.

We find powerful solutions with our Brand Partners. Our design studios depend upon our Brand Partners for the materials we use to decorate them. Our family of products, each of which is a solution, will find a comfortable home with our Brand Partners as well.

We give our heartfelt thanks to our Brand Partners, retailers, and our customers, for joining everyone at kathy ireland Worldwide in this experience

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